About us


BB the Blacksmith has been the market leader for over 30 years when it comes to the production of wrought iron articles, while respecting the artisan traditions of yesteryear.

We faithfully reconstruct hardware including handles, accessories for fittings and fixtures and furniture in wrought iron with different types of finish available. The most popular and best known is the antique rust finish, the classic colour of aged wrought iron.

Everything is strictly handmade and Made in Italy.

Amongst the various products available on our online store, you will find various styles of door and window handles in various different styles, antique, classic, shabby, countryside, vintage and provincial. In our catalogue, you will find kitchen handles, door knobs, accessories, hinges for furniture or fixtures including the famous wrought iron bands.

We have a section dedicated to espagnolette window fittings, with a range of different mechanisms available, including torcetto closings for windows or any kind of shutters.

We have a range of antique style wrought iron locks, for doors but also for casements, deadlocks, latches and bolts.

Amongst our range of products, you will find wrought iron bathroom accessories and home furnishings, chandeliers and both internal and external light fixtures.  In addition, we have a range of nails and bolts as well as accessories for the home such as curtain rails switch plates and the like.

We also produce made to measure grilles, gratings, railings, parapets, and heavy window shutters on demand.

BB the Blacksmith produces made to measure wrought iron items as well as the work behind the design so don't delay, get in contact with us today if you want to personalise one of our products or for us to create a unique product which is not already on our site just for you.




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